Aarch64 KVM on Fedora Asahi

Has anyone been able to get aarch64 KVM virtual machines work on Fedora Asahi? If so, how would I get it working? I believe GNOME Boxes is x86-centric.

I’m talking about ARM64 guests, I’m 100% aware x86_64 guests won’t work without emulation, maybe I could use UTM on macOS (but I don’t).

EDIT: Nevermind, I got KVM working.

I’m wondering did you get Win working on VirtManager?

Sorry for the delay.

I did not get Windows working, since I couldn’t get UEFI framebuffer working. I also tried a Fedora GNOME aarch64 ISO to no avail. I got FreeBSD working since it doesn’t include a desktop by default.

It’s not really a dealbreaker for me, At least I have a beefy HPE ML tower server I could spin a Windows VM on and RDP into, although I’d prefer to have it local. I could also reboot into macOS.

Thanks. RDP over Tailscale is my solution too.

The aarch64 build of virt-manager (for whatever reason) doesn’t attach a video device or output device by default. You’ll need to add both a SPICE display and virtio video in order to get anything that resembles a framebuffer for Linux.

As of Windows… since there’s no aarch64 drivers, I’d suspect there’s no virtualizing that. :confused:

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