Just got a new machine


Due to my very old desktop (AMD A10-7800) is not stable (it must be due to hardware), so I don’t have Fedora machines at home for a few months.

Today, I bring home below:

  • Asrock Deskmini 300
  • AMD 5600G
  • Kingston 16GB SODIMM x 2
    That costs about HK$4100 (I tried to get a lower price, but the salesperson gave me a M.2 wifi card free of charge instead)

I disconnected my SSD from the “broken” machine and connect to the new machine.

Fedora 35 on the SSD boots without major issues (some timeout issues regarding disks offline, which is normal and expected)

Then Gnome-Software updates from F35 to F36 without any issues.

All existing VM guests under VM Manager boots and runs normally as well. All good.

(DeskMini 300 's internal SATA port do not support 3.5" HDD at all - must due to not enough power supply), so I need to find a good USB-SATA disk dock in order to use my 6T & 8T disks.

Now I can use that for Zoom calls with a Logi USB Webcam and a Poly USB headset.

Citrix has a RPM client for Linux. Zoom has the VDI Media Plugin for CentOS. After both installed, Zoom inside Citrix can connect to the local USB Webcam / Headset without issues.

I am eager to try F37 on that new machines next.


Edit /etc/fstab as root and comment out the lines listing those drives by putting a # at the beginning of the line. Then run this line:

sudo mount -a

This will mount everything in fstab. If all goes well, you won’t have any error messages, and your boot will be quicker. If there are errors, that means you’ve probably missed a line. Re-edit the file, and try again.


Thank you. Done that and the disk timeout during boot are gone.