Fedora + Ryzen 3000

Hi guys
Has anyone managed to install Fedora 30 on a Zen 2 system? I’ve been trying for a while and the live version won’t even boot up.

I read somewhere that the default image isn’t updated yet with the systemd patch that fixes Zen 2 booting issues. Maybe try one of the spins in case they are more up to date.

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You may want to try it with one of the respins, Index of /pub/alt/live-respins


thanks for the link I’ll try the spins as soon as I got time.

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Did you try with a respin?
How did it go?

Haven’t got the chance yet been on a work trip but I will have time this weekend.

Was this issue related to the AMD microcode bug that prevented Fedora30 from booting? How did you fix it? BIOS update?

20 probes on Zen 2 cpus by Fedora 31 and later in the database: Trends: CPU Microarch

No probes by Fedora 30 and older for such cpus.