Fedora server upgrade and KVM backup

I have a Fedora Server 36 running for the sole purpose of a KVM host. I’m running a few VMs and want to upgrade to Fedora Server 39.

In order not to lose any of the VMs I want to make a backup - good time to start a regular backup routine. Is it simply a case of backing up the VMs disk (i.e. .qcow2 file) or is there more to making a backup of a VM? I see there’s a virsh backup command as well.

I want to be extra sure these VMs are not affected by the system upgrade

Just backup the image file and the xml file

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To be fair, the difficulty of this task depends on the complexity of the specific setup that can generally involve hypervisor, storage, network, firewall, and other related configurations, but asking a question like this indicates that your setup is likely more or less trivial.

I have a shell script which shuts down my critical VMs and takes a backup. You can add it to a cron job or drop it into /etc/cron.daily or /etc/cron.weekly.

Have a look at linux - How can i check specific server running or not(using virsh commands), before I start | restart it? - Stack Overflow for the syntax I used for my environment. Basically, I issue a virsh stop of my VM, then once it’s actually stopped, I do a virsh dumpxml and then a cp of the image file to the image file with a date prepended to the name.