Access for programs - creating screenshots

I worked with Fedora 36 (gnome 42, pipewire), and sometimes I had to work through Upwork.
Perhaps you know that time tracking works there along with screenshots every 10 minutes (the program works through gnome-screenshots)
Now I noticed one innovation in fedora 37 beta - it seems to me that there is an opportunity to give any program that takes screenshots or video from the screen permanent access (I noticed this in obs studio).
That is, if I understand correctly, now it is enough to provide access once and will no longer need to provide it every 10 minutes?
I also noticed that all screenshot access settings can be disabled in the security settings - according to the first notification on the screen. But I can’t find these settings anywhere to see which programs have permanent access.
If you have any information, I’d love to hear it.
Thank you!

Hello, so nobody knows how to work that in fedora 37?