Screen recording, but only a single window

I want to make a short screen recording of a single window.

I’m on F31. I had the F27 version of “gtk-recordMyDesktop” floating around on the system, but that appears to assume Python 2 so it fell over and died. No surprise there; surely there is a modern replacement, right? You would think, but:

I have “fros” and “fros-gnome” installed, and while it let me select a window, clicking “record” resulted in:

2019-11-24 09:25:14,389 - abrt-screencast - ERROR - Failed to start GNOME screencasting: org.gtk.GDBus.UnmappedGError.Quark._g_2dio_2derror_2dquark.Code19: Invalid params

I’m not sure what that’s trying to tell me. Also, one of the buttons has a Python byte-string marker in it (the label is b'Select window', which makes me suspicious I’m going to find other bugs in this software).

I tried “simplescreenrecorder”, but when I tried to select a window it segfaulted.

Is there anything available in F31 that doesn’t explode? It looks like “peek” will work for animated GIFs, but I would prefer to be able to record to actual video files and I would like to record audio at the same time, rather than trying to mix it in afterwards.

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In my case in fedora32. I am not able to capture my windows and audio, only the cursor is visible, using any screen recorder like simplescreenrecorder or OBS or any other. The inbuilt screen recorder of fedora does not capture audio but it capture the full screen.

any idea how to reslove this??

my problem is I am not able to capture my window and audio at same time. Capturing both separately has high time complexity