Gnome screen recording & Alternatives | Snapshot | Screen Rocorders

I tried recording my screen earlier but it didn’t record audio, guessing it just doesn’t do that. Can anyone confirm thats’ the case, and if possible suggest an app that will do so (the simpler the app the better!)

I typically use OBS for this. It might be too big an application but is simple enough to get going and is pretty powerful.

Thanks. I’ve heard of it but was really hoping for somehing much smaller like SnagIt (windows/mac). I guessed there probably isn’t anything but thought I’d ask, I just don’t have time for learning a bigger application at the moment, grateful for the confirmation that it will do it though, will come back to it when i can as I fancied a look at it anyway

there are many solutions on Linux for this purpose, Have a look at the link I provided, and search for simple screen recorders there are many. I just chose the best one, and one I use alot.

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I am going to install OBS - need something like that for future use anyway so may as well install now and see if i can manage to use it for quick screen recordings.

Question: What would you recommend I install, the Fedora Flatpak, RPM, or Flathub version?

(I have had to uninstall various apps now and reinstall as RPM to get proper functionality (Thunderbird, Shotwell…), hence I thought I’d ask you as an OBS user who may know which functions best. thanks

The Flathub version is the only answer here. It is also published by OBS. It will have all the packages you need. If you need a quick tips on it I can provide some easy ones today. i will change the tile of this thread as well.

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At this point, quick tips on how to record screen with audio would be very much appreciated.
I really don’t understand why Gnome’s screen recording function doesn’t include system audio or mic. Apple’s is like that, which I assumed was to inch people towards buying some pro software for that luxury, was quite surprised to find Gnome doesn’t allow audio recording either. Maybe it’s a big tech leap, but can’t see how personally (but then I am hardly a programmer :D)

this might be Gnome’s Snapshot tool’s second release. The previous one called gnome-screenshot was replaced. Gnome has a controversial ideology. Maybe too minimalist.

Seems to be the case, although I wouldn’t call the decision to not record audio on screen recordings ‘minimalist’, it’s a feature. the UI is certainly simple and minimalist, which I don’t mind in this case at all, it’s rather nice and i think way better than Apple’s screenshot function (which I used extensively, daily, and they save on DESKTOP just where I needed them :wink: !)
I just wish I could have system audio. I am helping a few friends (elderly folks by our standards) move to Fedora, yes it’s a bit like the blind leading the blind, but leading in a good direction so the journey doesn’t need to be fast so long as it progresses! And it is. But screen recordings are SO useful for me to show someone something or to answer a question like ‘where do i find settings to change wifi connection’ or similar. Takes 5 times as long type it out (which never suffices) versus a quick video they can watch and copy, but with audio i can explain what options do, or explain which keys I am pressing etc

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Added f40, screen-recording

Thought I would update, I found this, ignored it first time as it’s not in the Software app, but now I see it’s an extension. I tried it, and it does work (kinda). EasyScreenCast - GNOME Shell Extensions

Trouble is it won’t record system audio, only audio from a microphone which is certainly better than Gnome’s recording with no audio at all, but wish it could do system audio (digitally rather than recording my mic recording my speakers!)

Worth mentioning though as seems to function correctly in current Gnome

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Are you sure?

It looks more like the camera app of our smartphone and not the program that start when you press Print on your keyboard to take screenshots/screencasts of the desktop.

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