Parametrization for Gnome Shell Recorder

I would like to use the built-in screencast tool, but the only thing which is configurable seems to be the max. duration (default is 30 sec. only) and the Hotkey via Dconf Editor, I would like to set other parameters like:

  • Container format (MP4,WebM,MKV…)
  • A/V CODECs & their params (at least: quality, max. frame-rate, audio-bitrate)

Anyone knows if something like this is planned?

I don’t think so. It’s meant to be a really simple recorder without the advanced features you require (and I can’t seem to find docs for it at the moment). Try something like Peek, which has more advanced features:

If at least the default CODEC was VP9 not VP8 (which is slower and has worse quality) I could handle it by recording audio separately using Sound Recorder - Peek is not even starting on my machine… requires a running Gnome shell session…
Previously I was using EasyScreenCast - GNOME Shell Extensions but it stopped working with latest Gnome.

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It’s best to file a bug in that case. Preferably upstream:

Hrm, it didn’t work for me when I tried the icon in the activities menu, but from the terminal it loads fine. It’s a Flatpak, so we’ll have to file a bug at Flathub (Fedora doesn’t manage Flathub).

flatpak run com.uploadedlobster.peek

It probably hasn’t been updated to work with the new gnome shell 3.38 that Fedora 33 comes with.

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