Some issues in f36 beta

I can’t find new screenshot tool in the app launcher but Can be found with just a simple search.

Fedora still using the old fedora logo in the settings

Gnome software center is not loading anything i am don’t a update system i will post the update if that solves that issue else it is a bug.
Btw fresh install of the beta.iso

I also post here the actual change-log:
Releases/36/ChangeSet - Fedora Project Wiki

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It’s not a new tool. It’s integrated in the shell. So it’s a new option like “logout” or “lock screen”. You can either search for it, or hit “print screen” in your keyboard to bring it up.

Please check if this has been reported here yet, if not, please report a new issue:

(Neither of these are Fedora 36 issues—they are what Gnome provides and will need to be fixed upstream in Gnome).

Refresh the cache:

pkcon refresh force

not required anymore got update today and looks like solved

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