Two screenshots on Fedora 36 with Gnome 42

Hello guys

Does anyone know why the old version of the screenshot was not removed after updating the new version of the F36 screenshot? In the F36 beta version it was also the same way.

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Not sure why it wasn’t removed but if you don’t want the former default screenshot app, you can simply uninstall it

sudo dnf remove gnome-screenshot

It was not supposed to be removed on upgrade. If you don’t want it, you can always remove it yourself.


To clarify—the older one is a whole separate application while the newer one is a function built into gnome-shell now. They may do the same thing, but gnome-shell does not “obsolete” the older one. It remains a standalone application that people (on gnome or otherwise) can use if they wish. So, it is/was not supposed to be removed on an upgrade.


Hi @ augenauf

I chose to remove the old version as the newer version is apparently without any problems. Thank you!