Windows Print Job from Fedora Hangs

My upstairs computer is Windows 10. Attached to it via USB is a HP LaserJet 1020. I network share that printer. Printing to that from another Windows computer is complicated but it does work. My last success printing from Linux was using RHEL 7. When I upgraded to RHEL 8 and later when I moved to Fedora I have been unable to get it to work.

  • I downloaded and installed hplip 3.22.2
  • It indicated I needed to manage the printer using cups directly.
  • I configured the printer using cups, using driver “HP LaserJet 1020, hpcups 3.22.2, requires proprietary plugin”, connection “smb://computername/hp1020” and I followed several steps at CUPS/Troubleshooting - ArchWiki
  • I got by the “Filter failed” error on Fedora using the suggested workaround.
  • Now the test job works fine on the Linux end, but the job now sits on Windows 10 with status “Printing”. The printer is doing nothing. The document name there is “Remote Downlevel Document”.
  • I tried other drivers but the result is the same.

Any suggestions on what to try next? I am on Fedora 35 on a Lenovo P15 laptop.