HP ENVY Photo 7855 printing suddenly fails and causes screen corruption

It has been working fine for almost a year and then suddenly when I go to print it starts the job and starts to load the paper and then I get this:

Printing from my phone or a windows computer works fine. I can even print a test page from my Fedora 37 machine, but anything else causes the above.

It doesn’t look like hplip has been updated since end of last year so I’m out of ideas.

Have you done a system upgrade recently?
What version of fedora is in use?
What version of the hplip package is installed?

On F38 I have hplip-3.22.10-4.fc38.x86_64 (F37 has hplip-3.22.10-3.fc37.x86_64) and have never had an issue in printing.

That image appears to be from the printer itself and not fedora.

Have you installed hplip-gui so you have the hp device manager gui available? If so have you checked out what it tells you about the printer? Can you print anything?

Have you attempted removing the printer using the system settings panel then configuring it new with hp-setup?

What is the output of http://localhost:631 (the cups management tool) and can you manage the printer from there?

Yes the picture is from the touchscreen of my printer. That’s why I’m concerned, how can a print job cause screen corruption and then whole printer to lock up? I’ve never seen anything like this.

As far as updating, that happens more often than printing for me so pretty much impossible to retroactively diagnose at this point.

I’ve been using HP printers for more than 10 years, not because they’re my favorite company, but because they at least kinda support linux though hplip.

I used the hplip gui and it setup a new printer which appears to work so thanks for the idea, but I’ve been using the driverless setup for almost a year without issue, so it’s still strange.

Glad that setting up the new printer definition worked and you are able to print.

HP is one company that supports linux printing with hplip, but they also restrict the scanner functions in their MFPs by requiring the proprietary plugin to access the scanner. This seems to mean users must use hplip for printing and the plugin for scanning or forgo scanning with an MFP device.

It is simpler for me to just stay on top of the hplip updates than to try and manage driverless printing since I only use HP printers.

The printer accepts remote management. Thus a faulty print job can corrupt memory in the printer and it is possible for strange things to occur. Hplip is designed to work with the HP printers properly, but driverless printing is not as constrained in how it interacts.