HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 1515 scanner does not work

Hi community, thanks in advance.
I have a problem with my printer (hp).
The printer function is perfect till today, but the scanner`s not.
I tested this on Fedora 32 x64 Workstation whit Gnome desktop and all work fine, after change to Fedora 32 x64 KDE just the printer function is allowed.
So… i thing that the installation compilation miss something.
please help.

You may need to remove and reinstall the printer from your queues
You also may need to remove and reinstall hplip, hplip-gui .

More likely this is a plugin issue since the printer works.
I have found that the HP printers I have work fine for printing once hplip is installed and set up, but if I want to scan I have to install the proprietary hplip plugin. The printer setup process usually asks if you want it installed, but it is available directly here.