Can't see printer in print dialogue

Lenovo Yoga 7 16ARP8
Fedora standard workstation install

I have an HP Laserjet 200 printer. Two big problems:

  1. I have added the printer in Settings/Printing. Yet it never shows up in any print dialogues. Tried to print a page in Brave, and an email in Thunderbird. Both times when I hit ctrl-p it only offers to “Save to PDF”, not print.

  2. I was forced to save to PDF and tried printing that. All prints I do manage to get out of the printer are terrible, almost invisible. Yet if i print to that printer from any other non Fedora machine, it prints perfectly.

Do I need a different printer that’s compatible with Fedora?


according to HP that printer should be compatible. Here is a How to page on installing hp printers

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Probably not.

Fedora includes (by default) hplip which is a driver provided by HP for use with linux.
You can use the hp-setup cli tool to configure the printer and print a test page. Once that is done then use the same printer you defined there to print. It should work well.

You can also install hplip-gui to provide a gui interface for configuring and managing the printer.

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Found an RPM for that in Software app. Thanks very much, will give it a whirl

Well that was a bit of a nightmare but I think I did manage to install. It failed over and over to detect printer. I remembered I have VPN on (on Mac it would allow all LAN traffic), so I turned that off briefly and it detected printer.

Next step kept failing though, couldn’t install plugin. Tried the CLI route (which seems no different as it just pops up GUI, but I think it was slightly different as it eventually seemed to get the plugin from hp servers).

The GUI utility constantly crashes though saying : “Python3 is not responding”. I have to force quit every time. Not a big deal as I dont need the utility to check ink levels etc, never use that. Maybe it’s just not supported any more (I saw copyright up to 2018 mentioned).

Anyway, I got a test page printed nicely, so I am over the hill now (in more ways than one) :smiley: Thanks both of you, useful info in both posts