Windows keep resizing every time I open them to edge no matter what

My browser windows and literally anything else, like Boxes, expands to the edge. This isn’t fixed by Gnome Tweaks or regular setings snapping to edge settings. This has to be a command evidently. How do I get the operating system to stop expanding windows to the max when you open one OR when you (for example) have a chrome tab that you’d like to move independently, drag it off and BOOM - right back to maximum screen.

Since it’s relevant, what value is not* having the minimize and maximize buttons next to the closeout button serving whoever builds this? Or has this just literally been something that has been not talked about/ignored/just use gnome-tweaks instead of addressing this? It’s relevant to the maximized screen which is a feature that I don’t understand for the life of me. I’m just aiming to figure this out: has someone chosen to maximize the “client” (browser in thsi case and also gnome boxes) screen without the option to size it down and/or minimize it? I’m positive that I"m missing something if that was the choice; there must be a reason that engineers find minimize and maximize buttons plus regular browsers annoying?

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Hello @liamdev ,
Double clicking the top bar of the window will minimize it then if you close and reopen it, it will open minimized then. Basically gnome just saves state. So whatever you left it in will be what you get when you open (the app) again. Firefox, OTOH can have it’s own settings that you may need to look at like about:preferences in the browser url window will open preferences and possibly it is the zoom feature in FF that is set at 100% as default.

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Lol I can see what they’ve done; i’m wondering if there’s any value that is added to the everyday life of an engineer by NOT having the tile bar minimize, maximize and honestly I just fan’t even believe that this is a question. For example, the UX that these egnineers chose is that instead of having a button that one clicks - that every computer on planet earth otherwise has - the alternative is so save the state - and thank you for clarifying what it does - and instead of clicking a simple button for the size to adjust, you have to click, hold and drag for the window to “pop out” and i’m just wondering if anyone has ever mentioned how remarkably inefficient this is. I dont think that it saves the state by the way. I never close mine fully maximized, because I never have any windows that are fully maximized. then when I go to open it again, there is a 100% chance that it’ll open maximized. I guess wht I’m getting at is this feels more like an OS thing because this is Google Chrome, but the client that i’m using or “browser” window is what’s different than chrome on windows or chrome on mac. It seems like there was a conscious decision to make it this way, so I guess i’m pointing out that this is a “less than favorable” way of working with basic clients/browser/idk. I guess I’ll have to find the engineer’s thread that I used before which showed how to fix this mistake of a design.

The option to have the minimize and maximize icons appear was moved to gnome tweaks some time past. If you want those icons to appear in the title bar then install gnome-tweaks and set the windows to have them appear again.