Minimize causes windows to disappear until Alt-F1

Hello friends! I recently installed Fedora 33 Cinnamon.

After install, shrinking more than one window caused them to appear in the taskbar as a square icon with a number showing how many were shrunk. What I wanted was for EACH (minimized) window to be seperate in the taskbar. I right-clicked on them and (noob) don’t recall what option I chose, but the result is thus: When I minimize a window it no longer appears in the taskbar at all. To see it again and restore the window, I must Alt-F1, bringing up the 4 desktops. This shows all of the minimized windows, appearing not in the taskbar, but on the desktop. To reopen the window, I must click on this version of it. Eventually doing this with enough windows will cause them to overlap, making me want to minimize them again.

How do I change it so that when I shrink a window, it appears in the taskbar UNGROUPED ((ie: as individual ‘rectangles’ (rather than squares with a number), able to be left-clicked to maximize once again))?