Closing a Window minimizes every window except the next fullscreen one

Hey there,
I am using Fedora 37 with Gnome 43 and I’ve been encountering an issue when closing Windows for a while now. So as an example: I open a picture from Nautilus in GIMP and close that after editing. As long as Nautilus isn’t right below the X of Gimp, it will “click through” to the next window below it, minimizing everything in it’s way. With fullscreen applications that usually means nearly everything. I have tested it with the next window right below the X and that will work just fine. I don’t know if this is related or not but Drag and Drop also only works with Windows that are directly above each other and otherwise it just won’t do anything.

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Please create a new user on your system and see if you can reproduce this issue. If this happens out of the box, we do need more information about your system to find out what could cause that.
For this please read the pinned topics to see how to collect more information.

If it is just with your profile, you can use tools as gnome-tweaks to see if you can reconfigure the mouse windows behavior of your profile.

As I do not see enough information I just can speculate and guess. This problems can also have to do with the change of the kernel from 6.1 to 6.2 what means that drivers (Nvidia etc.) are not up to date yet and the old ones are causing problems.

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I did just test it with a new user account and wasn’t able to reproduce the issue.

Here is an image of my window configuration in gnome-tweaks.

My current Kernel Version is 6.2, and I am running an RX580 8GB with the amdgpu driver.


I just found a bug related to this: Bug #1969602. Currently the only workaround seems to be using xorg, which also causes other bugs (double letters in dash to dock, making it annoying to search for anything).