Hello! in fedora 36 i have not taskbar

hello every one!

my name is arash

please help me!

in my fedora 36 workstation there isnt taskbar

please help for show that!

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Hey welcome!

Fedora 36 Workstation is using GNOME as default Desktop. If you want a similar taskbar, you may use Dash to Panel/Dash to Dock which can be installed via GNOME Extensions.
Otherwise you can use KDE Plasma, Xfce or Cinnamon as Desktop which provide for new users a better start.



Take a look at the different spins here:


You can also install other desktop environments using dnf:

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fedora workstation does not have a taskbar. you can install an extension if you need a taskbar.

for example,

Or maybe you don’t need a taskbar. For example if you’re looking for which apps are running, or prefer to switch between them with the mouse instead of Alt+Tab, then you can swipe with three fingers up on the touchpad (if you’re on a laptop) or hit the Super key once (on many keyboards it’s the key with the Windows logo). It shows both an overview of open windows, and on the bottom it also shows a kind of taskbar, or rather app launcher, where open apps are marked with a white dot below them.

oh thanks

Is there a Taskbar in Fedora Desktop?

if that have this please give me download link for fedora desktop

Well there is no Fedora Desktop
GNOME, KDE etc. these are desktops

Like @ankursinha said take a look here:



If by taskbar you are referring to the list of opened windows, fedora puts that at the bottom of the screen and it can be enabled by installing gnome-tweaks and using the window list setting.

If you are referring to the list of preferred apps to keep available for quick opening the super key will pop that up at the bottom of the screen and the super+A combo will open the entire list of installed apps for you to select. The Activities button at the top left of the screen and the icon at the far right of the preferred activities list do the same.