Protonvpn app, can not minimize on tray on pc1 but can on pc2!

What puzzles me is that i have this app on two fedora 39 systems and on the first one i can minimize it on tray by pressing close and on the second one i can only close it permanently by doing the same thing!
App versions are the same and the latest available.

This sounds like minimize vs close.

What are you using to mimimize/close it? The X in the upper right corner or a button on the window?
Have you installed gnome-tweaks and enabled the minimize and maximize buttons on the toolbar?

Both X buttons have the same behavior.
I can “minimize” by pressing minimize button"-" but it is different: is a “fake” minimize
just disappears from screen but do not go on the tray. On the machine that works properly there is a dedicated icon on tray where app goes when i press closing button, if i want to real close i go to the tray icon menu and chose quit. I have gnome-tweaks on both machines, i will check any difference on configurations there