Maintain window dimensions after auto-resizing

When auto-resizing a window to be full screen or take up half of the screen (like using super key + left/up/right/down) is there any way to make it maintain that size when resizing it? For example, if i have a window that i use [Super]+[Left] to maximize vertically on the left half of the screen, when i try to resize it it returns to the size it was before it was maximized. I’d like to be able to resize that while maintaining the maximized dimensions.

Just to clarify a bit more, if i’ve put a window to the left side of my screen and resize the right edge, it reverts back to its original dimensions (say an 800x500 box in the middle of my screen) rather than staying aligned to the left, top, and bottom while expanding (or shrinking) only the right edge.

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Hi @chickendude, welcome to the forum! Please take a minute to check the introductory posts in the #start-here category when you have a minute.

The tiling features of gnome-shell are quite basic, as you’ll have noticed. I see some apps that do remember dimensions after being “untiled” from the left/right (seems to work for Firefox/Qutebrowser), but this doesn’t seem to be the case for all apps (Gnome-terminal). Not sure where this is set or if it’s some app specific thing.

For more sophisticated tiling, perhaps try an extension? I use gTile, that does what I need, but it’s worth searching the extension website to see what your options are:


Hi @FranciscoD, i am using some GNOME extensions to make resizing windows easier and more convenient, but i haven’t found one that handles resizing after being tiled the way i’d like. I’m currently out for work for a couple weeks but i’ll take another look through the extensions when i get back. One of the main issues is i’m not sure how to word my question when searching online.

I also don’t recall any programs maintaining window dimensions after being resized, i’ll have to check again if Firefox behaves that way on my machine. I’m pretty sure that i had the same issue with Firefox, as it’s one of the programs i am frequently resizing.

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