Resizing gnome-terminal after maximising reduces its size by one row and column

Each time I maximize the terminal and then recover it, it gets smaller by one line and one column. What’s the problem?

I’m using F34


I can reproduce the same issue.


  1. maximize terminal by “Super+Up”
  2. display many text by sudo journalctl -b --no-pager
  3. Press “Super+Down”, note the boundary
  4. Pres “Super+Up” then “Super+Down” again, and there are one less column and one less row than before.
  5. Repeat <3> , the minimum rows I got is 4, then it will reduce columns only.
  6. The minimum I finally got is 4 rows x 30 columns.

Sounds like a minor bug in their code that “redraws” the application when it’s un-maximised. Can you please file a bug here on their bug-tracker to let the developers know if one does not already exist for this particular issue? Please include the current version of gnome-terminal that you are using, with screenshots etc.

rpm -qa gnome-terminal

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