Windows flicker on resize on Nvidia and Wayland


I installed Fedora 39 yesterday, coming from Zorin 16 and so far I love it but I do have one issue. When resizing certain applications like Steam or VSCode the window will flicker/tear badly and even just navigating their dropdown menu items will cause issues like the dropdowns being black until hovered over. Other apps like Firefox don’t have this behaviour on Wayland.

This is also not the case if I switch over to X11 but I’m wondering if this is a known issue with an easy fix even though I’m well aware that Nvidia and Wayland don’t always go hand in hand.

Thx in advance! :slight_smile:

Nvidia and wayland do work well together – as long as you have the nvidia drivers installed from the rpmfusion repo. Nouveau does not do well for nvidia gpus, especially with the newer card versions.

I did follow that guide to get the drivers installed and the Software app does list NVIDIA Linux Graphics Driver as installed.

Here’s a video of what I’m referring to:

I also tested running Half-Life and the black flickering across the screen was bad. Again, this was not the case in Xorg.

Here are my system details. Is there any way I can see if everything is installed correctly?

Yep, i typically get this black flickering or delayed refresh sometimes on Wayland with some apps and terminal apps (vim, nvim htop, bpytop. . .). I have tested this with AMD RX5700XT/ GTX970/ RTX3050ti / AMD APU. I typically ignore it, since it stops the moment I go full screen or place the app on the screen or workspace I need. It’s momentary and I don’t spend too much time moving things around.

For me it’s worse in fullscreen. If I enable windowed mode for games it gets better.

This is a common issue with Electron applications on Wayland when using the Nvidia proprietary driver, as discussed in Electron apps are buggy and laggy on Wayland with proprietary Nvidia drivers. Since Steam is based on the Chromium Embedded Framework, it is also affected.
There is also a related GitHub issue open for this at NVIDIA/open-gpu-kernel-modules#187. However, as you have mentioned, the only current workaround appears to be switching to X11.
It is also recommended to run games on X11 for better performance. xwayland glamor renders incorrectly on nvidia

Interesting, I have never had this issue with Steam. I typically see this with Terminal applications and some games in certain scenarios.

Interesting, I play all ghames on Fullscreen since the early Proton days, which I did a lot of testing for. Maybe it’s your gpu? What GPU are you using and driver version? Many NVidia cards of a certain generation experienced artifacting and black screen effects due to overheating, improper thermal paste/pad placement or showing wear and tear because of having been part of a Crypto Mining operation.

I’ve encountered similar issues with Steam on my system as the original poster. Using Wayland, resizing Steam or accessing steam menu results in flickering, a problem also observed in the OP’s video. In contrast, on X11, there’s no flickering, but rapid resizing Steam window leads to not rendered white pixels.

My GPU is RTX 3060 with the latest RPM Fusion driver. Having switched from Windows to Linux last month, I’ve noticed these problems for at least two weeks now. I’m certain that they aren’t related to overheating or mining. Initially, when running Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xwayland, the game was noticeably flickery and laggy, even at room temperature. This issue persisted, so I had to switch to X11. On X11, BG3 runs smoothly for about 6-8 hours daily, totaling over 50 hours with only a few graphical glitches. Interestingly :p, I’d even go as far as to say that the performance on X11 seems more stable than on Windows 11.

I understand that Wayland generally offers better performance and is more suited for modern hardware. Therefore, I’m hopeful these issues will be resolved upstream.

I’m using an RTX3080 with the latest drivers. The card has not been through anything out of the ordinary and have no graphical issues on Windows or Zorin OS which I used previously (and was also on X11).

For now it seems I’ll just stick with X11, the biggest benefit with Wayland seems to be for those with a multi monitor setup which I’m not using at the moment anyway.