Electron apps are buggy and laggy on Wayland with proprietary Nvidia drivers

I have noticed that two electron apps that I use regularly (Visual Studio Code and Obsidian) have notably bad performance on Fedora with Wayland. I have noticed this since Fedora 36 (the first version that I have used, so it could go back further than this) this has been occurring. Typing input is often laggy to the point of being unusable and often menu windows get randomly blacked out:

This happens on both the deb and flatpak version of vscode. I have long chalked this up to the proprietary nvidia drivers and Wayland not playing nice (I use an RTX 3060 Ti with the most recent 535 proprietary driver) and electron just generally being terrible, but recently I have tried Visual Studio code on Linux Mint (you can get Wayland quite easily by installing gnome-shell) and NixOS on Wayland. It works fine with Fedora with X11 so I think this is a uniquely Fedora/Wayland/Electron/Nvidia issue.

Does anyone know why this is or how to fix it? Can anyone see if this issue is also reproduced on a system with an AMD GPU, for instance? Thanks.


With my onboard AMD GPU, vscode working normal here. May be current Nvidia driver didn’t playing nicely with wayland.

Great, thank you!

yes I have the same issue with AMD Ryzen 5 5600G, very frustrating

What graphics driver are you using? Are you using AMD integrated graphics or do you have an external Nvidia GPU as well?

Interestingly, with the release of Asahi Fedora, I have had a chance to try this with the drivers designed by the Asahi team for Apple GPUs and vscode works smoothly there. Ironically, it also runs better in a VM using software rendering. It is only using Nvidia drivers in Fedora where I have encountered this issue.


Fedora Linux 38
GNOME 44.4
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GDDR6X        latest proprietary driver

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Seemed very common.