Stuttering Keyboard on Wayland

I have a strange problem with Visual Studio Code but also other Electron-based applications under Wayland. When typing with a keyboard one would expect for the cursor to display the printed key and then wait for the next one to be typed. Instead, when I type a character the cursor moves backwards, then forward, then it displays the character and then it waits for the new one. It exhibits a similar behaviour when pressing the arrow keys to move the cursor to another position. I had the same issue with Fedora 35 and I tried both a USB and a wireless keyboard. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any suggestions?

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Yes I am having the issue and I asked in the discord a few weeks ago and somebody else had it. It does seem to be only electron apps under wayland and it is super annoying. The person in discord switched to X and it went away.

Maybe we should file a bug report? I’m just not sure what to file it under.

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If it only happens under wayland then that seems the proper target for the bug report.

I tried to record a video of this with the screenshot tool, but the recording does not show the behavior even though it occurred while recording.

I opened the bug report: 2089432 – Cursor jumping and hiding letters while typing in Electron apps under Wayland

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