Wayland flickering Firefox on black background


I’ve just reverted from Nvidia drivers to the default nouveau/wayland.

So far everything works fine except 2 things:

  • dark background pages in Firefox seem to flicker vaguely (one of this pages is ask.fedora.org because I use the dark theme).
  • my terminal which had a bit of transparency had the vague flickering as well, however by decreasing some of the transparency from the preferences seemed to remove the problem.

Do I need to install firefox-wayland package? It’s strange to think about having 2 types of firefox :slight_smile:

If I install the wayland version should I uninstall the default one?

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I haven’t had this (I use dark themes quite extensively), but as I’ve said I’ve heard that experience may differ on different GPUs. I.e. it works better on some GPUs than on others.

You don’t need it, but you can try it.

Check this:

So Firefox on wayland still a bit experimental.

Also dnf info firefox-wayland says:

Description  : The firefox-wayland package contains launcher and desktop file
            : to run Firefox natively on Wayland.

And dnf repoquery --list firefox-wayland:


So it’s just a launcher to run firefox you’ve already has installed natively on Wayland.
I’ve installed it and I now have two launchers: default one called “Firefox” and new one called “Firefox on Wayland”.

Just installed it, haven’t tried to run it).

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Thank you for the info. I will try it later on and see if there is an improvement.

However I’ve noticed the flickering in Visual Studio Code as well on the left panel, where the explorer is. The editor part, even if it is dark themed it’s perfectly stable. Nautilus works perfectly fine with the dark theme.

As you’ve mentioned in this post it may well be that my GPU (GTX 970) may not work 100% with the nouveau drivers.

It totally can, I’ve encountered mentions of it. Even phoronix links @fasulia provided mention that some GPUs work better than others.

Again, it’s totally understandable, as nouveau is developed by community (retro-engineered, as I understand it) and NVidia don’t help with it much. And it’s quite hard to support very wide variety of different NVidia chipsets with different capabilities and architectures we have now.

As far as I know any feedback and help we can provide to nouveau’s developers can help with improving it for us)

Any link where I can report this “bug” to the nouveau developers?

Also note that nouveau (at least parts of it) is included to kernel (as far as I know), so kernel updates may resolve such issues. You can test it from time to time to see if there’s any improvements. RPMFusion has the instruction how to temporarily switch to nouveau without uninstalling proprietary drivers.

A have GTX1050 at home, I don’t see any flickering, but I’m still on F29 with older kernel, and that can be the reason too. I hope to update soon, then I can check if I too have this issue on the same software you have now.

I’ve never looked ) Webseach provides this link:

Also you may check Fedora’s policy for bugreports, it may be useful to report bug to Bugzilla too (especially as we don’t know for sure it’s not a Fedora-specific bug). And if Fedora’s nouveau maintainers look at you bug and deem it necessary they will file it upstream, or help you with doing that. But this strongly depends on a maintainers, I think.