Will Fedora 34 receive KDE Plasma 5.23?



Just out of curiosity, I wanted to ask if Fedora 34 is going to receive the new KDE Plasma 5.23 update, or if it is planned to be shipped only with F35 and upwards? Looking forward to the update (as it may be my first Wayland version, and has improved tablet support :D), and if it is planned to be only pushed to F35, I’d update a bit earlier than planned :slight_smile:


As of this moment, I don’t see it in Fedora 35 repositories either. F35 still rocks plasma-desktop 5.22.5 in the official repository.

If Koji is any indication I’m assuming we’ll see it only for Fedora 35 → plasma-desktop | Package Info | koji

But perhaps someone more related to the project that knows internal plans can shed some light on this. :slight_smile:

It will be added on fedora 36