A more stable Fedora, possible or dream?

I have reported tons of KDE bugs, as there are even more I suppose. I know that many essential fixes like the fractional scaling glitch will only come in Plasma 6.

But I tried Plasma 6 on Neon, and damn this is a mess. I dont really see it becoming stable in the next year, but I heard it will already come in Fedora 38?

Ubuntu is too old, Rockylinux… damn thats old. Is there a possibility for a more stable Fedora? Not as bleeding edge but even a bit more stable? Especially on KDE I think it is really great, but could be a bit better. I dont know if I would run it on a “work machine”, and I can’t really stand Gnome.

I would say Fedora is fairly stable while still providing newer packages. If you’re still concerned, you can just use the older Fedora 37, then move to Fedora 38 when Fedora 39 comes out. You will have older packages, but you also will have a release that has been tested more than the current release.

If you are using the immutable variant (Kionite), then switching between the two should be easier (though I would use a different user for each version to prevent issues).


Thanks, yes thats an option for me too. I am on Kinoite though, so that would mean not getting updates at all right? I am not fully into how the images are updated, I imagine the older ones are still getting updates. Yes I think this could be an option if its “backported updates on the tested release”

I like having the latest stuff, but especially Plasma 6 in 38??? thats crazy

If somebody defines the metrics how to measure “the stable” then probably yes. Without the metrics, it is most likely no.

Have you considered using a tiling window manager like i3 (X11) or sway (Wayland)?
There is a learning curve, but once you customize it to your liking, it’s well worth the effort :slight_smile:


If you’re using an OCI-based distro like Kionite you can just instantly roll back to a working deployment, you can no longer fully break your system. Maximum stability has been achieved.


I guess simply using F37 until F38 is out for like 2 months as an example would fulfill my “stable” needs. And then there is Plasma haha, not Fedoras problem

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edit: Plasma 6 is very stable now :smiley: