Why does the linux community always vouch for this one distro and when the distro does one change simple mistake, they rant and say that they're going to switch like its the end of the world

Recently in 2022, Ubuntu introduced snap firefox. Then you see people complain and switch to another distro.

Then they switch to Fedora and act like its an angel. Then after that, Fedora removes codecs. Boom switch to another distro.

Arch breaks. Boom. Switch to another distro.

Like seriously, do most of the ranters have actual lives?

No offence to Fedora. I’m just tired of the linux community vouching for one distro and then calling it a devil when things go wrong.

Like seriously, do most of the ranters have actual lives?

No. Welcome to the club. :wink:

Linux users have choices - it relatively easy switch to another distro if someone is unhappy with the one he/she is using currently :wink: This is one of the ways to provide feedback to distro’s maintainers and also the possibility stay in familiar ecosystem.
Other major OSes have no such options to offer, e.g., someone unhappy with, let’s say, Windows telemetry or ads, cannot get officially supported Windows version without telemetry.

On the other hand, users who has found “best distro” will not do distro hooping, unless the distro does wierd things.

Or even not send data at all.

Ubuntu did opt out and it isn’t the end of the world.

Plus, its very interesting to see where the majority of users are from to see where the most users are.

What i’m saying is that there’s life beyond just complaining and whining at one simple change. This is linux, not some locked down os’es i know off that don’t give you freedom.

As the topic is sensitive, there is certain level of emotions added to the discussion, of course. I saw multiple users creating forum user just to provide the feedback to that topic.

Regardless of emotions, the community is discussing what would be acceptable way to collect some stats. For some that’s no telemetry at all. And all this discussions is awesome - all parties are free share their thoughts, ideas for better Fedora. I think that in the end the dispute is correct and constructive. Emotions are needed too :wink: IMHO

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Honest answer, I don’t know what people think they are going to accomplish when they dramatically announce they’ll switch distro. … OK, it’s announced and there are many distros to choose from. Good luck. It’s definitely not the end of the world. Such an announcement might escape even the telemetry, (servers down for maintenance, bit rot, solar storms, cosmic rays … you name it).

(How many people in the world are using computers? Really? That much?) :wink:

In my field NASA provides “mission-crtical” software that requires linux or macOS. The linux version provides all the required librairies built on a fairly old linux and runs well on most recent linux distros. New users are confused by the conflicting opinions over the “best” linux distro. I tell them to ask around and see what distros others in their institution use. Most linux users are very willing to help when new users run into trouble, so access to a local user community outweighs the differences between distros if you need software that isn’t tied to a particular distro.

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Well, it is untrue to over-generalize the phenomenon of working people into a frenzy of rant, labelled ‘the community’ and ‘always’. When people speak enthusiastically and confidently about ‘being right’, there is unstoppable momentum built up and the discussion forum is drowning in heated debate. It is hard to take no notice of debate here, Fosstodon, LinkedIn and so on.

users who has found “best distro” will not do distro hooping, unless the distro does wired things.

I found the best distro (at home Fedora and at work RHEL), but still hopping between various Spins and Labs. I can’t help with it :slight_smile:

Practicing drama acting skills.

After finding a perfect distro, we still distro hopping. Secretly. In order to be ready once the drama time will come… :smiley:

+1 for that

ranters is just a young penguins in their rebellious phase. dont hate them back rather try to give response in a good manner and be an example of dignified adult.

regarding distro hopping is a fine and common phenomenom in open source world. the point is just do your best and improve. in the end of the day, people will stick with what best to them.


Well, basically because they can.

I understand that you can have feelings on a distro if you spend a lot of time contributing and using it and promoting it, and that’s why they feel bad when something goes againts their beleifs.

For me, I just have changed distros twice in my life, from using knoppix (because I used my dad’s computer) to Ubuntu (because it was the one I knew in my college) and then from Ubuntu to Fedora because a great ambassador and friend convinced me that it was great.

Brings memories. My most rebellious thing was LFS. I got to point when it booted fine (LILO i used as bootloader). Trouble started when my wife asked me what am I doing all those nights. Me: “Can’t you see how cool is it to boot OS that you compiled yourself?” You compiled? “WeIl, not me, but compiler …” It seems that this kind of coolness don’t impress many. Later on, I even managed to got X running. I was only one that was impressed by attainment. Nevertheless, I learned few things about how hard is to get OS to work on computer even if you didn’t wrote a single line of code for it.

Ubuntu doing things wrong but somehow being “linux” for a majority isnt exactly new.

As data point: The codec removal (which was quickly fixed with rpmfusion or worked around with flatpaks) lost us a total of maybe 5 users in the ~1K member Telegram group. Maybe you perceived it different for the storm that was youtubers and news sites whining.

This isnt usually the case, especially if more info is available. The one problem right now is that the new Proposal (Tracking, against user choice) goes against the core values and the literal slogan “Its your OS” and the high standards we have of open source software. And it just fits right into the schema of Redhat excerting more and more pressure into Fedora (if passed opt-out, that is), at the tail end of a few months of wonky reputation for redhat for questionable decisions.

Everyone wants to make a dramatic exit :smile:

That means there are more and more Linux Users rather than Developers - when I am an User, and I cannot do what I need to do in one Distro, and becase there are multiple to choose from, I switched to the one that is working for me.

If I am an Developer also, then naturally, I will bring my development activities to the Distro that I am using.

Switching Distro due to (lack of) functionalities is all fine and normal.

Of course. It is absolutely normal for a user to move to a platform that better supports their perceived needs.

The title is about the very outspoken and sometimes abusive vocal efforts of the users who become disillusioned by some little thing that they do not like or feel they cannot live with. Many tend to react to extremes in both directions since they vent both likes and frustrations on the forum.

Really it is mostly human nature to resist change. Some of us squawk louder about things we don’t like. Wind them up, and they can go on forever. Much like the little toys with the wind up keys, amusing for awhile, but eventually very boring.

Unpopular opinion: Because they can.

It’s easy to move to another distro since they are all essentially Linux systems - you can use the same software, shells, desktop environments, and so on. There’s only a small learning curve and there are plenty of distros to choose from. Consequently, the perceived cost of switching is low enough to warrant that sort of response :slight_smile: