Hi, let me say something about the linux community in general when a new descision or theme change is made in their distributions

This might seem like a rant, but its realistic as possible.

One thing is that the linux community often complains about no privacy but they use youtube, reddit and discord and who knows what that stuff is.

Then they get angry when a distro wants to collect data to help make improvements. Then they complain when this ‘exotic piece of hardware’ doesn’t work.

Also, in Linux Mint 21.1, the team made theme changes which actually drew more people to the distribution. Then you see people complain like crazy saying they want the old theme back.

As long as telmetry is actually used to improve the operating system, and not use it for money(Looking at you Microsoft and Apple), then it seems alright. Sure, you could argue that i should use windows instead, but the thing is, what’s the difference between a company collecting data for their own benefit, and an open-source project wanting telemetry that does not contain your id?

Even in community linux distributions, there is telemtry. Debian does it through their popcon thing.

So why think telemetry is evil, when it is not used for profit? Sure, everything beneficial for everyone in technology can be used properly, if used improperly its evil.

Express your thoughts down below. Remember this is Fedora, not some company who will randomly leave you in the dust like MS did with Win 11 and their system requirements.

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well people had their own preferences, the case is very different if your preferences is used by and will affect many people tough.

for community oriented distro, personally i regret the move with new linux mint theme. there should be a throughfuly survey or such before they implementing big changes like that (thumbs up for fedora here, please keep up the survey tradition :slight_smile: )


Mints new theme definitely made me comfortable recommending it, even more excited about 21.2

My mom n better use mint now :wink: