Using what is fit for my needs

there is no shame using what you want, there is no elitist telling your noob etc just because you use something that you like and fits for your workflow and needs. i moved back to Windows 11 Pro and host and main it provides me all stability and support for my needs and demands to do my work and edits, graphics, designing, rendering and it just works so nice. It dosent mean that i have give up Linux well not at all as i have 4 difrent distros on VM i use Fedora is still highly used on cyber security and sys admin suff/learning/school and Leap is alternative on same stuff since im on 50/50 on choosing fedora or leap as main on that arera. 2 other distros are just testing and checking what there is and new releases.

the point is here that everyone should use what they need, want and works for there use case, no matter brands, specs, nvidia or amd what distro they use and community should accept that there is just everywhere way too much hostility and negativity on even using Nvidia now it seems that Linux community has lost the meaning of what it is to use Linux and support for other users

just for my random rant of past days seeing all the negativity and attacks on members using something and it dosent mean only here it is everywhere some are worst than others