Where is kernel-6.5.8?

I have seen that kernel 6.5.7 and 6.5.8 got released over on kernel.org my Fedora 39 installation still runs kernel 6.5.6, so I have the question where the newest kernels are.

Yes, I have checked for updates and no kernel update is available.

39 Beta is frozen until the release date, so you will see the new kernel at that time. Or you can enable updates-testing, and then it might be available.

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Ok, thank you.

I did an update with F39 and got the 6.5.7 kernel by enabling the updates-testing repo. Also a lot of other updates at the same time.

Beyond enabling updates-testing in general, you can get new kernels
before they are pushed to stable from
https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/?packages=kernel (so without
installing anything else from testing and without enabling testing in
general → this is a one time use of testing; it will not enable testing
permanently for kernels or anything else)

On bodhi, you will always see all kernels currently available in any
update repo: the yellow “testing” label tells you it is in
updates-testing, and if you click on a kernel that is in testing, you
will get the dnf update command to update to that kernel immediately
without generally enabling updates-testing (you will also see the update
reports - regression tests and karma - from users who test the kernel).
Beyond testing, using bodhi to get kernels in advance can make sense if
you have a problem with any kernel: you can test if the respectively
next kernel solves the issue (this is often the case and can save time
to you and the supporters; but don’t forget it is testing until pushed
to stable). Once a kernel has the green “stable”, it is in the usual

Of course you are free (and encouraged : ) to contribute to testing,
with or without regression tests, and give karma if a kernel works well
on your hardware (if you are unsure you can wait for some people having
tested it and reported about it before you). Before any kernel is in
testing, it has to pass a lot of automated tests (you will not see the
dnf update command for getting the kernel from updates-testing before
the automated tests have all been passed). After passing all automated
tests, the kernel will enter “testing”. I suggest to not get a kernel
before it is in testing except if you test it in virtual machines and
know what you do (getting a kernel before it is in testing is possible
only through getting the kernel from koji.fedoraproject.org anyway,
which is a little more to do than copy-pasting a dnf command. Thus,
unless you know exactly what to do, do not get a kernel from koji for
your production systems / host).