Kernel 6.2.x

Will Fedora 37 update kernel to 6.2.x?

yes, it will. you can check for builds here: (there is already a 6.2.x kernel for Fedora 38)

usually Fedora rebases to the next kernel once it reaches .4 or .5, depending on how long testing takes.

You can help testing the new kernels (once built) and provide feedback here:

Often, there is a kernel testing week, follow for more information

Most likely, Usually the latest two active versions runs the same kernel version.

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ok thx

if you have another look, kernel 6.2.x is built for f37 now. you can download it with something like koji download-build --arch=x86_64 kernel-6.2.3-300.fc37 and then install it using sudo dnf update kernel-*

I noticed that the “results page” link under the “Report Bugs” section of the 6.2.2 Test Week information page is incorrect. It is currently linking to the Kernel 6.1 results page. Not sure who to ping to get that fixed; I don’t have edit privileges on the Wiki.

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fixed. thanks for reporting.