Kernel 5.12 question

I have an application that eventually freezes on kernel 5.11 but works fine on 5.10 and 5.12. I would like to install 5.12 on my production systems but is is not available in the standard repositories yet.
I don’t see 5.12 for F33 or F34 on and would like to know if this is coming to F33 and F34? Is there a published timeline for kernel updates to the specific Fedora releases?

I can install from rawhide, which brings up the question … apart from packaging is there any difference between the same version kernel on F33/F34/F35 ?

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Fedora Kernel 5.12 Test Week is happening from 2021-05-09 through 2021-05-16. Usually the rebase is happening one week after test week.

However, you can expect to find the 5.12 kernel for F34 in koji already before test week (it needs to be build in order to provide test images or test packages) - so it’s a matter of a few days from now.