Is kernel-5.12.9-200.fc33 the same as kernel-5.12.9-300.fc34?

Are two kernels of the same version (say kernel-5.12.9) but packaged for different Fedora versions equivalent and can they be used interchangeably?

I ask because I’m trying out kernel 5.13.0-rc4, on F34, packaged for F35 (there is not a current spin for 34) and am experiencing freezes. It may just be that it is a release candidate and it is a bug that will be fixed or it may portend trouble for me when it becomes available for 34.


200.fc33 and 300.fc34 seem to be the same comparing the changelog’s from here:

5.13.0-rc4 is a kernel what is still under development.
so bug’s are still in there and should be away when the development has finished and the kernel is named 5.13.x, where x is a number and not “rcX”.

but be aware all software have bug’s which should be reported and fixed.

for the kernel development see here:

e.g. 5.12.9 has 9 additional stable releases with several bug fixes each (number)

don’t get confused:
fedora kernels carry a additional number (200, 300, what-so-ever). for example