F37->F38 : kernel downgrade...why?


I just rebased to Fedora Silverblue 38 from 37 without any issue like it should be, but I noticed that the kernel downgraded one version. I thought “ok, probably that’s the base release and after an upgrade I should get the latest stable version” (I should get everything the first time but I wanted “to believe”), but I didn’t got anything from an upgrade after the rebase.

my current kernel after upgrade/rebase: 6.2.9-300.fc38.x86_64

You can see here that the kernel kernel-6.2.10-300.fc38 has been marked stable since 4 days ago


(I’ve been watching the kernel versions because I’m waiting for a patch to be released)

Is there a reason behind this, or is just that the update servers of the final Fedora release aren’t up to date yet?


Even kernel-6.2.11-300.fc38 has been marked and moved to stable in Fedora 38


Answered in Rebase F37->F38 = Kernel downgrade · Issue #456 · fedora-silverblue/issue-tracker · GitHub.

Please don’t file an issue in several places at the same time or link to them.

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