Installing last 6.6 kernel under F39

i’m new user of F39. Could you explain me how ho install last stable 6.6 kernel ? Bad experience with kernel 6.7, rollback required. Thanks.

You mean 6.5 and 6.6, right?
Just boot the 6.5.x kernel from grub menu.
Increase number of installed kernels to => 5 in dnf.conf.

The latest released kernel for F39 is the 6.5.12 kernel.
Which exact kernel are you having problems with.?
The 6.6.X kernel has not been released by fedora, and the 6.7.X kernel is still in release candidate stage in fedora rawhide.

Since fedora by default keeps the last 3 installed kernels, the grub menu should allow you to boot from an older but still installed kernel.

for your information, you can check out the following link to see which build is currently in stable or testing repo.

If you have the updates-testing repo enabled (or manually installed the kernel packages) and you are facing issues with 6.6.2, you should provide feedback and prepare a bug report .