When is the Upstream XFCE 4.18 coming?

I would like to know one the new version of XFCE appears in Fedora 37.
If the question cannot be answered here then I would like to get a link.
There have been an incredible number of improvements made by the developers of Xfce and I would love to be able to enjoy them. In Fedora 37 we are still stuck in XFCE 4.16.
See here: https://alexxcons.github.io/blogpost_8.html
or here: https://www.xfce.org/about/news/?post=1671062400


Since Xfce 4.18 has been submitted as a change proposal for Fedora Linux 38, I suspect that it will not land on Fedora 37.

i cant find anythng in pagure.io/ so maybe it will land on fedora 38 but it may land on 37 it depends on the dev if they want to port it to as it is a spin but in kde it gives the update but hopefully fedora 38 will contain 4.18 of xfce

Yes, I was looking for that link. Thanks
Fedora 38 is not coming until April/May 2023, which would be quite a long time away.

If you read through the bugreports on GitLap it seems to work with a few exceptions.

With KDE and Gnome come also constantly function updates or not? Even if the comparison is a little lame; IceWM was also made available after new release a week later. IceWM is also more of a program than a desktop environment.

All this leaves me with the impression that only the big DEs are prioritized.

I am aware that Fedora is not a Rolling Release. But one may still express wishes. :blush:

no you are wrong here it depends on the developers present right now maybe for kde spin there more dev present so it be ported but xfce fedora does not have the resources to do so. lack of developers can cause this. if you can help fedora to update port xfce 4.18.