Gnome 43.5 or 44

Just wanted to know if Fedora 37 will get the 43.5 update or the 44?
Im relatively new to the Fedora world so don’t know the dates and such for updates :slight_smile:

Fedora 37 will stay on gnome 43 and it will be updated to 43.x upto fedora 37 support if you want gnome 44 fedora 38 will provide it. It is already in beta wait for stable or test beta now.


Thank you for explaining, will wait and update to F38 when released :slight_smile:

if I upgrade to the beta version, will I be able to move to the stable version when that gets released?

As soon as it is released (probably this week) there will be no need to upgrade. Even if you update while it is still beta, as soon as it is released the next update you do will become the release version (or newer – depending on how may updates are waiting)

BTW, fedora does not class a version as ‘stable’. There are 3 general categories.

Rawhide – development for upcoming releases.
Branched & Beta – the next release candidate
Released – speaks for itself.

Even the release versions have frequent updates, so Fedora cannot be classed as ‘stable’.

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Fedora 38 has already passed the final freeze stage, so upgrading now should bring you the same package versions as in the final release if not newer.


Up, would you advise me to upgrade to 38 yet?

That is not what stable means. Fedora has stable releases.

No, unless you need a specific new version of software or change in F38. Also check the Common Issues tagged F38 if any would affect you.

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Coming back to this, I am confused about the “or newer”. Is the release not an updated upgraded version?
Let me see if I understand what you mean. Say I upgrade to 38 beta now and 38 stable release becomes available. I can just run an update and get the release version. I get that. But, how could it even be newer than the release version that would be the latest at the time? Or, won’t the release version already be the latest at the time?

If you upgrade now and keep Fedora updated yes you will be on the latest release version of Fedora which is 38.I upgraded from 37 to 38 several weeks ago and have had no issues,

I was referring to stable, as in rock solid and unchanging over longer periods of time such as Ubuntu 22.04 LTS which is and will remain mostly unchanged except for security updates for a 2 year period.

Yes I consider Fedora stable and reliable after release and use it as my main OS, but it is not unchanging. Frequent updates and bug fixes abound.

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The release version is already frozen and unchanging. Meanwhile apps are still receiving updates and fixes.

On the day of release the ISO will have one version of every included app (that is already frozen pending the release). Newer means that if you do an online version upgrade instead of installing from the ISO you will get newer app packages that are pending in the updates repo and not the older stale versions that are included in the ISO.

Simply a term, not implying the release version being newer but that some apps may be newer in the updates repo than on the ISO.


The stable is in fact rock solid. :grin:
A rolling release, yes.

I appreciate the comments.

Thank you very much for that education.

Just updated to 38 and works like a charm

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