😊 What does your Fedora background look like?

I use Xfce on both my desktop and my laptop. On both of them, I have a number of different wallpapers that rotate randomly.

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I’ve been using this wallpaper for a while now, I quite love it!

Fedora has been running smoothly for me, even on the beta builds :star2:
(And yes, I like having a side dock :slight_smile:)


Adapta Icons
Extra flexible spacer does the middle-magic
nice Backgrounds from wallpaperaccess

custom Appstarters:


  • Dictionary
  • Sticky note
  • Minimal Desktop switcher (emojis as icons, looks okay but still shitty)
  • Search
  • Focus
  • Serverstatus

And I customized the clock because trivial names make no sense if you learned latin once.

Also recommended (for Kinoite):


Adding to the list of mountain landscapes :mountain:

I have used the same wallpaper for 11 years—a photograph by Denise Nouvion[1], from a curated set of wallpapers by thefoxisblack.com[2].

I have some custom Xfce panel scripts, like the clock (clicking it copies the ISO datetime to clipboard).

And my favourite desktop toy Neko, an animated pixel-art cat that follows your cursor[3]. I run oneko -tofocus on startup, so it sits on top of the focused window (in the screenshot, it is sleeping in the panel). Incidentally, the Xfce logo is a mouse; I sometimes move my cursor to the top-left to let the cat catch the mouse.

  1. of Canadian dream-pop band Memoryhouse ↩︎

  2. A popular design blog at the time. Archive.org links as the original site is gone ↩︎

  3. Possibly the oldest and most ported “virtual pet” or desktop toy that is still widely available? The Fedora package oneko is based on oneko-sakura, a fork from ~1999. ↩︎


haha thats a Windows experience. Honest question, what do people need 3 different (and mostly proprietary) browsers for?

… maybe web developers?

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Aaaah okay that makes sense.

Not a background but ny newly pimped out laptop :wink:



Nice! Mine is coming too, accompanying the Ubuntu sticker I pulled off a public PC that had Ubuntu removed and ran Windows… What a shame

I used Pixelmator Pro on the Macintosh to create the background. I customized the Silverblue icons with Yaru and changed the system font. I love the fact the Linux is so much more customizable than macOS.


You definitely need more stickers :slight_smile:


Yeah, you have any cool ones?
Hard to find any in Sweden :slight_smile:

Really cool! Which DE is that?

I am actually quite boring, I use the bog standard default wallpaper. No need to post an image here, just reinstall Fedora, that’s what I use.

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self made “thiny-session”: GitHub - bluebat/thiny-session: A Thin & Tiny Session for X


The icons look lovely alongside the wallpaper :slight_smile:

I wonder what the icon pack is called so I can try it out on my desktop

It’s called Bumblebee, but I haven’t released it yet. It’sw not “complete” yet.

Ahh, well I actually did eventually find your post about the WIP for your icon pack, it seems good and promising so far :bluethumb: