What can I improve about my questions?

I have asked a few questions here in the forum the last few days but unfortunately did not got an answer. Now I wonder if maybe it is because of my question.

Can you give me any tips on how I can better formulate my concerns to get more answers?

In the links below you can see my posts without answers:

There may be 2 things at work here. Failure to ask a good question is only one of those. Asking a ‘smart’ question involves providing information about the system hardware, applications, and what one has already tried to solve the issue.

The other one is that this is a forum. If users reading your post are not familiar with the topic and do not feel they can add useful information they may not respond. I skipped both for the second reason.

I will try to incorporate this into my next questions. Thank you.

You might also go back and update the originals with more info that we may use for finding a solution.