Lots of strange issues since 40 update

Hi everyone,

I’m on a nvidia card so I have a bunch of wayland issues. is there any way to resolve a lot of these?

I have issues like my taskbar freezing up and crashing.

I also get the “the screen locker is broken and unlocking is not possible anymore.” screen

steam also runs weirdly.

Could i get some help with some of these issues? or is there a way to report them so they get fixed? thanks.

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Yes, of course. Lots of folks here to help :slight_smile:

To begin with: could you please open individual topics for each issue because we don’t currently know if they are all caused by the same underlying problem? You could use this thread for the taskbar issue, and open a new one for the screen locker one and the steam one?

Next, could you also please provide more information for each issue? Perhaps a complete description of the issue with screenshots/logs/what steps you take that cause the issue and if it happens each time or only sometimes (whatever information you can gather really). That’ll make it easier for folks on the forum to debug/diagnose.


Hi Ankur,

Yes sorry about that. I realize I wrote in pretty bad form for a ticket.

My specific issue I think is with Nvidia and wayland. I’d say within about 3 minutes the task bar tends to freeze. It’s doing so as I write this so it’s hard to get screenshots.

Is there a way to use X11 again? I have been hearing about how Nvidia hasn’t released the drivers to work well with wayland yet.

As for logs would you be able to direct me how to upload these? I’m more a hobbyist when it comes to this stuff.

Let me know if I forgot anything important,


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Hi ankur,

No intention to spam you here. I redownloaded the package for X11 and things are running about as smoothly as before the update.

Just as an aside do you know if anyone has gotten wayland to work well at all on newer nvidia cards? (I.e. mine, a 3060ti Lite hash rate)?

It sounds like we’re waiting at least 2 months until we get an update if i’m not mistaken.


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I’m not sure. Are you using the RPM Fusion Nvidia drivers?

You can view your logs as described here:

Anything that looks relevant, you can paste here in a comment.

correct, modinfo -F version nvidia tells me I’m on version 550.76

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If you are still having problems be aware that the nvidia driver is now 550.78 (updated several weeks back) and the kernel is 6.8.10 (with 6.8.11 in testing).

Will take a look at it. I just recently updated so I wouldn’t be surprised if I had received these drivers. I know from browsing reddit that people complain about occasional issues since they’re in beta, but I’m overall optimistic.



For anyone interested I found this bug report: 403563 – Memory leak in plasma desktop (plasmashell)

Seems that this is semi-known in KDE specifically. Is anyone else able to confirm?

I didn’t check memory usage the short time I tried Plasma 6 (F40 and openSUSE TW), but I did notice the high-fan speed on screen lock thing mentioned on a comment on that bug report. I have Intel UHD 630 and only noticed that from Plasma 6 on Xorg (my fans didn’t jet-engine on Wayland)

Yeah i never got a high fan speed issue. Mine was just that RAM was ballooning like crazy because of memory leaking.

Hi everyone,

At the risk of necro-ing this.

Since using an animated (gif format) background seems to cause RAM useage to spike until the desktop fails, Would there be a place to report this properly?

maybe the Gnome Gitlab ? Issues · GNOME / gnome-shell · GitLab