Border around libadwaita flatpak applications with NVIDIA on X11

I am on a fresh install of Fedora: only upgraded all packages after install, installed nvidia driver and ffmpeg from rpmfusion.
Libadwaita flatpak applications (like Extensions Manager) have an unwanted border around them (see below).

The problem only occurs with both X11 and NVIDIA driver.
I tested it with all other combinations (X11, nouveau), (Wayland, NVIDIA), (Wayland, nouveau) but the problem does not appear there.

Any idea on how to fix this issue?

Is the app in question run as a flatpak ? Could be a sandbox issue. Try downloading Flatseal and allow the app to use the GPU: device=dri.

Is the flatpak nvidia runtime the same as the local machines drivers?

I appreciate your help.
The problem has fixed itself though after a few days.
I cant do further bug testing.
I am sorry.

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