Xbindkeys Wayland alternative

I utilize a mouse (Logitech MX Master 3s connected via Logitech Bolt Receiver) with side buttons, which I find convenient for remapping workspace navigation to the left and right. Previously, I achieved this functionality by employing xbindkeys in conjunction with xdotool, utilizing the following configuration in the .xbindkeys file:

"xdotool set_desktop --relative -- 1"

"xdotool set_desktop --relative -- -1"

However, since transitioning to Wayland, I have encountered an issue where this configuration no longer functions. While xdotool continues to operate as expected, but xbindkeys fails to recognize input in Wayland.

I am seeking an alternative solution that would enable me to replicate this setup in Wayland.

Have you tested the application solaar to achieve what you want?

It seams that it should be able to manage devices with the Bolt technology.

I not answered because i not new till know that solaar also is sporting bolt. I do use Unifying so i was not sure.

I have taken a look at that.
Solaar recognizes my mouse, but I cant define arbitrary commands to be executed and just remap to different predefined actions.

Maybe try input-remapper?

input-remapper kind of worked with a workaround. Thank you!
Instead of a command to send to GNOME to switch workspaces I just bind Meta + PageUp/Down.
This way it works!

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