<meta> + mouse scroll no longer switches between workspaces | solution, using wayland

Until recently, I was able to use the <meta key> + <mouse scroll> to switch between workspaces. Now this behavior only works when the mouse cursor is hovering over the top bar. Anyone else having this issue?

I haven’t installed any Gnome extensions at all. I tried resetting my keyboard shortcuts, but nothing works.

Are you sure it’s not <super>+scroll?

⊞ Win & <mouse scroll> works fine for me.

With Ctr & Alt & or I can change without mouse.

You might have to check with a new User to see if your profile got messed up.

Hey folks. Yeah, I’m essentially using <win key+scroll>. Just checked my other PC, and works fine there.

I must have previously installed a Gnome extension which altered the settings, and then didn’t revert those settings once I uninstalled it.

I have found the issue, I was logged in with X11 to try and counteract some other graphical issues I was having. Switching back to Wayland has the <super+scroll> shortcut work as expected again.

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