Weird button CSD on GTK apps?

Hi everyone, currently I’m using Fedora 34 Gnome, and never use any modification, extensions, or theme.
But I don’t know why but some apps have these big weird button on their CSD, like this Geary app:

and Photos app:

So far I only noticed that it happened on Geary and Photos app

You can see how big those button are, compared to normal CSD button:

Is this probably a bug? or it’s my machine that is wrong? does anyone here experience the same?

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Fedora 34 uses Gnome 40, looks like this two apps need some brush ups for the new Gnome version.


I see a bug filed but without any comments:

Can you please drop a comment there to let the maintainer know that you are experiencing the issue too? You can login to Bugzilla using your Fedora Account as you do here.

I have the same problem on geary. Here you can see this bug on gitlab. It appears to be a problem with libhandy 1.2.2.

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