Fedora Design Suite on iMac

Hello, i have a problem, i’m running Fedora Design Suite 31 on an iMac on live mode, the UI Icons for Gimp and Inkscape look too small, it’s a 4K iMac. I tried to change the screen resolution, but doesn’t fix the problem, what can I do? Also, when i try to change the screen resolution, the window closes, and doesn’t let me do the change.

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Most probably useless. Show / Hide.

I’m sorry: Did your tried the #fedora-design IRC?

Their wiki.

Tutorials, links, etc – link.

Edit (i’m hope it is better now):

JOKE (i’m laughed): If your care about your safety, don’t call the icons “too small”! Say that your’ve a bad display which doesn’t support Their genuine genius designs…

Hi, you mean the iMac 4K monitor won’t work on Fedora design apps such as Inkscape and Gimp?

OK, i fixed it! I just edited the icons UI size in both Inkscape and Gimp, they are ok now.

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But how did your edited them?
By created “overloading” .desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications pointing on icon of needed size?
Or there is saner means to achieve the proper size?

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