Oversized windows on some applications on laptop but not on desktop

I am using two Fedora 31 beta installations (and previously F30) . One on my laptop (1920x1080-intel graphics) and the other on my desktop (1920x1200-nvidia graphics).
I am using on both computers bitcoin-core software that i have installed manually. After installing the latest version 0.18.1 ,i get an oversized window (that cant be resized) of bitcoin core with tiny fonts that occupies almost the full sreen with my laptop. Same application runs on Fedora 31 on the desktop without any problem with size or fonts. I noticed the same pattern with Viber application installed through Flatpak.
These problems were present and in Fedora 30.
Any ideas what causing these difference in behavior with these applications that installed on the same OS but on different computers?

I can’t say what the exact issue is, but I’d advise looking into hidpi/scaling-related issues.