Does anyone have experience setting up weechat-matrix to connect to chat.fedoraproject.org? I’m getting logged in, but then disconnected repeatedly with:

20:38:19  fedora  -- | matrix: received certificate
20:38:19  fedora     |  - certificate info:
20:38:19  fedora     |     - subject: commonName=chat.fedoraproject.org, serial number
20:38:19  fedora     |         044298ED39D0BFFB184412308AB62484989F
20:38:19  fedora     |     - issuer: countryName=US, organizationName=Let's Encrypt,
20:38:19  fedora     |         commonName=R3
20:38:19  fedora     |     - key info: RSA key 2048 bits, signed using
20:38:19  fedora     |         sha256WithRSAEncryption
20:38:19  fedora     |     - period of validity:
20:38:19  fedora     |         Begins on:  Dec 21 02:54:30 2023 GMT
20:38:19  fedora     |         Expires on: Mar 20 02:54:29 2024 GMT
20:38:19  fedora     |     - fingerprints:
20:38:19  fedora     |         SHA1:   BF:BC:C1:47:0B:62:C5:4C:16:29:E7:59:48:C1:31:6D:E2:85:3B:2F
20:38:19  fedora     |         SHA256: 9C:7F:C4:B4:10:E7:A2:E8:24:CB:7D:AA:91:21:72:C7:47:3B:E2:C7:F8:D0:48:EC:0C:53:47:C7:16:4F:0F:CE
20:38:19  fedora  -- | matrix: Already logged in, syncing...
20:38:19  fedora =!= | matrix: Error: SyncError: 404 unknown error
20:38:19  fedora  -- | matrix: disconnected from server
20:38:19  fedora  -- | matrix: reconnecting to server in 10 seconds

Really just a shot in the dark at the moment.

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I haven’t tried to use weechat with Fedora’s Matrix server, but it looks like special server-side configuration is required for the weechat client to work properly:

Maybe that isn’t configured?


It’s possible, but I would expect with the number of clients connecting that configuring http2 and max connections settings would already be set fairly high on the server side.

Looking a the issues as a whole, they also don’t show the SyncError: 404 unknown error message. I am running a newer version of the script and weechat, so it’s possible I’m still hitting the same issue, but with better (or worse?) error messaging.

I also think weechat-matrix.py is not getting the love it once did (README.md and 6 months since last commits). The weechat-matrix-rs project is preferred according to the maintainer, but when I roll over to that project, it “doesn’t do much yet.”…and hasn’t been updated in two years.

Perhaps I just need to keep looking for another option…

Not that it’s any help to those who want to use weechat-matrix, but I have found gomuks works fine. I had to pull the binary from the last CI build against master at Pipelines · Tulir Asokan / gomuks · GitLab.

I was hoping to use weechat as I use it for irc and slack already. One place for all things would have been nice, but it’s closer to what I was looking for.