Website refresh next steps!

Continuing the discussion from It's time to update the main Fedora website!

From that thread:

Next Steps

  1. Discuss with Council (and everyone here!), refine this.
  2. Take to Mindshare, Design, and Websites and Apps Teams.
  3. Get someone from the new Program Management Team to help organize and coordinate this.
  4. Organize stakeholder meetings.
  5. Follow rough schedule above.

We’re basically at #3 here, and I’m happy to say that @pawelzelawski has agreed to run this as a project. We had a great conversation yesterday, and we’re ready for some initial stakeholder meetings. I’d like to do a kickoff session with interested people from basically all of the groups, and then Paweł will organize smaller, targeted stakeholder meetings and … I don’t know actually after that — this is why we have expert program management team people organizing, not me. :slight_smile:

But for the initial thing, let’s try to get one person from:

I’ve put the mailing list or other contact info for each group by that group. Because it’s such a long list, it seems like it’d be ideal to have just one person from each as the initial representative. Or maybe one big meeting is a terrible idea. Paweł, how do you want to handle the next steps?


Thanks @mattdm for nice summary and providing contact list. In terms of high level steps I’m going to contact respective teams separately in order to have one representative from each group and later I’ll organize small common session with stakeholders as you suggested.
Main goal will be to summarize for everyone what we want to achieve, look at main assumptions, gather additional input from everyone who didn’t have chance to provide it earlier, list keys milestones and if I have enough information before the meeting I’ll also prepare some high level plan for the project, if not then it will be one of activities on my side after the session.
I’ll take more action on above closer to the weekend. If some of you is aware of any additional team that should be included in this initiative and maybe Matthew didn’t list it feel free to advice. Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


Ooh, I inadvertently left out another important group — Fedora Localization, mailing list Info | - Fedora mailing-lists. Let’s make sure the new websites launch with localization capability, and with something which makes it easy for translators to keep up with changes to content.


We’ve started looking at doing competitive analysis on the design team, please see this ticket. Your input is welcome, especially suggestions along two dimensions:

  1. Websites to look at that are similar to Fedora: Where there is a set of downloads to offer, a user community, and a contributor community.
  2. Websites that are beautiful / have a nice aesthetic / have some compelling visuals / have innovative features: To inspire the look of the website.