Planning meeting for Websites & Apps Team reboot

We have a number of people interested in rebooting the Websites team, and taking ownership of some of the webapps that help the Fedora community function. (This started around working on Møte, the meeting-log site, but has grown from there.)

At a meeting today, we decided that this team will officially be the Websites and Apps Team, revitalizing the existing but mostly dormant Websites Team and expanding the scope so it’s clear that apps are included rather than just static content.

We are exploring the idea of a Fedora Council Objective to support the successful launch of this team. As a first step, we’re going to have a planning meeting to talk about goals and outcomes, and work back from there. This will be a Jitsi video meeting (channel to be announced), and it’ll be at

All who are interested are invited. As “homework”, I’d like to ask you to bring ideas for a mission statement for the team and a vision for what a 12-18 month objective would accomplish. We’ll start from there and work down to specifics.

(Note also: if you’d like to be involved but are more interested in concrete actions than high-level planning, that’s cool too… you may be more interested in future meetings!)

I personally see three goals for the initiative:

  • First and simply, we need a more active websites team, and many of our
    apps (møte, fedocal, badges, elections, …) could really use some love.

  • Second, we often have new folks showing up in Fedora Design who want to
    help with coding projects. We don’t have a good place to point them.
    Often, we end up saying “well, you could package stuff?”, or point people
    at the wall of ‘easyfix’ bugs with no real guidance. This team can be that
    landing spot.

  • And third and at not least, we’ve got a lot of energy and enthusiasm from
    some relatively new folks (hi, Akashdeep and Ramya!) who didn’t let the
    above stop them. I want to make sure they feel empowered to help with the
    things they’re interested in, and get the full support of the project in
    doing so.

… but this isn’t just about what I see. Let’s come together as a team and figure out the goals and plan!


Thank you @mattdm for starting the discussion.

Here’s the Jitsi meet link:


The First issue might be reducing response times. If I do a pull request and have to wait several months for reply I lose interest on that area (Yes I do have open unanswered pr:s from way back when even now) and most likely many other potential contributors do as well.

One potential fix could be to build (add) a staging area where you can easily (and quickly) add a proposal for others to see without a fear of breaking something.

Moving into the production side can then have some additional (but timely) steps or approval chain.

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This is a good point, and it was one brought up by @pingou in our meeting today (re: deploy early, deploy often).

catching up with the two latest meetings, thats recorded from you on Youtube now, and will see ya all at the Release Party for 34 next week, and try to join and help as much as i have time :slight_smile:

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Super, @bittin! :sunglasses:

For context, here are the video recordings we uploaded yesterday!

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Video for the meeting from this week (watching now myself)

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The videos seem to have recently been made private.

I think this was because a participant did not consent to being recorded for the meeting. There was a miscommunication about how this was published. Apologies! We are still figuring out a public workflow for our team meetings that makes sense.

Having time to join the planning meeting live this week :slight_smile: